Saturday, May 18

"Well, You Could Go This Way. . ."

Today I feel like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz when he was "helping" Dorothy with which direction to take on the Yellow Brick Road. I could go this way. . .or that way. . .or maybe both ways (nah).

Considering the mistakes I made in coming to Reno (acts of desperation never end well) I'm doing a lot of research right now. One thing is for sure: there has to be better shopping where I am going than exists here. The one BIG mall isn't too bad, if you are looking for a stale Macy's, overpriced jewelry, or cheap shoes. Which, believe it or not, a lot of people here live for. If you clicked on the link, you'll notice the page shows one of the mall's "Breeder Pits," my name for the recessed areas where children lose all sense of control. You'll also see Meadowood described as the "dominant" mall in Northern Nevada. Park Lane is the submissive mall?

I need to remember no one comes to Reno to shop.

People have asked me what's the best view of Reno. "The skyline growing smaller in your rearview mirror," I tell them.

I can't wait for that view to appear.

Friday, May 17

Time, What a Concept

My mother always said time has a way of getting past you before you know it. Looking around at the University of Nevada, Reno campus, I understand what she meant. When we first arrived in Reno the spring semester had not begun. It was early January and we had the run of the library and free internet access largely to ourselves and a few other lonely Reno souls.

Tomorrow is UNR's commencement. In so many ways it seems like I just got here. But in so many others it feels like a lifetime. Many of the people in my life right now, several of whom have been in and out of this town many times, maintain the city is dying. A victim of poor government planning, greedy casino owners, and the emergence of competition in the gambling world, known locally as "those damn Indian casinos."

California has a number of Indian casinos just over Donner Pass. The largest one has full "Vegas style" gaming, except for a Sportsbook and Off Track Betting which is still legal only in Nevada. The summer months may see the casinos through without problem, but come winter and everyone's money is on the Indian gaming halls. No need to wait to cross the pass in the snow, no chains required, just bring your nickles, quarters, luck and you are ready.

So it's time for a lot of things to change in Reno. UNR's best and brightest are entering into a dismal work market. The casino owners are licking their financial wounds. Change is in the air.

Even for me.

Wednesday, May 15


Feels good when you've made a decision and are ready to go forward with it. I've decided Reno has sucked the last of my life out of me and it's time soon to move on. The actual date has to be determined by a number of things out of my immediate control. Where am I off to? When I get there everyone will know.

It's nice to be off on an adventure without people baggage this time. The last few times I've moved I've had company. This time, solo, seems so much better.

It's time.

Monday, May 13

Well it IS Monday After All

Just what I needed to see today to realize my life doesn't suck as bad as I thought it did. I could be "George" the troubled help desk technician that wrote the tortured message above. George's work is highlighted in today's Daily Diversion found on the left. My hole area doesn't receive external email messages either, so I don't know what the big deal is with this user.

Another week starts. Opportunity? Frustration? Relief? All will be experienced no doubt. But I have another chance to see what will happen.

How Could I Have Forgotten?

If it weren't for Philo I would have overlooked that May is National Masturbation Month. The good people at Good Vibrations are sponsoring a Masturbate-A-Thon, the proceeds of which go to a Women's program of some sort.

OK. . .