Sunday, April 14

Sunday Potpourri

Isn't this a nice way to begin a Sunday morning? If not, then consider this:

Yes, this is what weekends are made of, compliments of the ever faithful Abercrombie.

Got my first week in at the new job and did fairly well. It's somewhat of a "learn while you earn" atmosphere, which I'm accustomed to, but it's hard to find patience in people fresh from Peoria who are wondering why you can't make the computer work and there is a jackpot at the "Wheel of Fortune" slot machine just waiting for them. Oh, well, they endured the new airport security measures, they can endure me for ten minutes.

Getting used to, unfortunately, the purple coat. I've decided it's the casino's way of encouraging the fashion conscious to aspire to management positions. Managers can wear regular clothes, not uniforms.

Things are getting better, though are still not where they should be. We have a new goal to meet of getting into our own place, which makes me feel better. If I can land an additional part-time job this week, that will speed the process along considerably. Hopefully it will come true.

If not, we have other options.