Thursday, April 4

And How Will You Be Paying For That Sir?

Interview number one for today went quite well. At this rate I may have a full-time and a part-time job by the end of the week.

Who would have thought?

Wednesday, April 3

If I Talk About It, Will They Come?

Well, many are indeed. More interviews are scheduled, things are looking positive once again. As soon as we can afford to get the housing thing cleaned up it will be better for all involved. Just have to be patient on that one, it's going to take a couple of paychecks for that to happen. In the meantime, it's look, interview, look, interview, call people back, etc.

I have to remind myself that I have done this before, and even though I swore I would not find myself in the same position again, here I am. This time, however, a little less afraid, a lot more frustrated.

I'm missing San Francisco and yearning to be back there. Don't know if it's just the lure of a San Francisco summer, or the prospect of the heat of a Reno summer, maybe it's the lack of Peet's coffee and Noah's Bagels. I know what it's most likely to be: a sweltering 90 degree day here and the desire to see a huge bank of fog coming in from the ocean.

Tuesday, April 2

Partly Cloudy With Afternoon Clearing

There, that proves it. I too could be a San Francisco area weatherman in the summer. Today is a better day. Got a new job, when they have openings, have another interview scheduled for later in the week. Progress is a good thing. (I just typo-ed that as a "god" thing -- hmmm. . .)

Getting settled is harder for me each time I have to do it. There's that awkward period when you aren't sure if you are doing the right or the wrong thing. I've long maintained that asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission. I'll have to keep that one going.

The mouse debaucle from yesterday was settled today, yet I had to take the test two more times. It really wasn't a mouse test as much as it was a reasoning test to understand just what the hell they wanted you to do with the damn thing. Seriously, if you have a hand (just one is all it takes) five fingers (some could argue less) the ability to move your arm in all directions, then you can operate a mouse. Place the cursor in front of the character you need to change (I still don't get that one -- you are going to have to highlight and delete or backspace to get rid of it anyway. Let's just say it went OK and I passed, passed the personal interview part and when an opening arrives. . .it's mine. In the meantime, more applications, more interviews, more fun. All of this does keep my mind off things.

Nothing wrong with that.

Monday, April 1

So. . .Not a Good Day

Just one of those days. The kind when you get in the car and are about half of the way to where you should be when you discover that you shouldn't have even got up to go to the bathroom. Yeah, that's the type.

I have no ready reason to feel this way. Logically, things are going well. We have a safe and clean place to live with a wonderful person. Food in the cabinet. A job. But then it dawned on me this morning. I'm still not home. Home, for me, is where I can be where and when I want to be; to be dressed how I want; to do what I want to do when I want to, etc. I'm still not home. I'm living with someone else. And as grateful as I am for the opportunity to be there (I have to be that because of our underestimating of time, paychecks, etc., would have us out on the street), I'm still not comfortable. I haven't arrived yet.

I'm also not comfortable because I work with a group of people who think they know more than me. Most of these folks were shitting yellow when Jobs and Wozniak thought up the mouse. Today I had a woman tell me I didn't know how to use one. I think not. I'm as computer literate, if not more so, than most of the desk jockeys out there.

I knew a world when there were no personal computers, when your biggest decision was changing the font ball on your IBM Selectric from Prestige Elite to Courier or Letter Gothic. If anyone remembers the old Mag Card IBMs, then there's something to bear a cross and be tested for. A mouse? Please.

So I wasn't pleased to learn that I didn't know how to use said contraption. Especially from someone who obviously just learned it's what they previously thought was the "foot pedal" to their computer.

So where do I sit? Well, not in my own chair or one that I can even claim I pay for. That's bugging me for some reason. Eighteen months of not having my own stuff, using that of others (whether offered or just assumed), and a lack of personal space has taken it's toll. As I mentioned, we left the hotel because of bad planning on both our parts. I'm just as guilty (if that is the right word) of letting this happen. We got a little too big for our britches a little too fast, didn't plan things out, weren't strategic enough. Lesson learned.

Where do I go from here? There's not many choices. Checking out early today made a WHOLE lot of sense to me. Just can't go on like this, etc. I thought I came to Reno to make a new start. Maybe I came to Reno as a place to end it all.

Don't know just yet.

View O' The Day

Reno has a lot of them. This is just the last one I caught. Standing on a busy interestion corner waiting to cross, I hear a loud scraping sound as a car approaches. As the car turns through the intersection, I see it has the hose and handle of fueling pump from a gas station still attached to it's fill spout.

I can only wonder what the gas station looks like.

Sunday, March 31

Same City, Different Setting

Well, we have made another step "upward" -- this time into a private residence. We left the hotel we had been living in for the safety and comfort of Rick's boyfriend, Jason's, house. It's a bit close quarters, but it's not bad and the price is certainly right, less than a 1/3 of what we were paying. Not a bad deal.

Of course, we probably aren't going to be able to stay together for very long -- three people living in a studio apartment can lead to the end of a friendship quite fast.

In any event, things are looking up. I hope they continue to.