Friday, January 25

Couldn't Resist

Been a long time since I published any skin. Thanks to the A&F folks for the promise of a wonderful spring.
Fixin' To Get Ready

One of my favorite Texan-isms. Says a lot about my frame of mind lately. Some recent health problems borught up a whole lot of just plain unadulterated shit into my head. Two weeks ago I had a hugely unpleasant hemorraghing incident which introduced me to the rigors of Reno emergency health care and social services in one fell swoop.

The long and the short is I will live. It took a tortuous two weeks to learn that, however, and much hand-wringing, etc. My "situation" could have been the precursor to something far more serious than I was, or probably ever will be, prepared for: cancer. It's not cancer, however, just something almost as bad, one of those things that "happens to people my age." I now live in a world where my health, or decline of my health, will be explained simply by my years. "Well at your age. . .

Lovely. I've now entered that time of my life where I will be hanging onto the news reports about colon cancer, prostate check-ups, stool softeners, and the like. Depends can't be far behind. No pun intended.

With this latest round out of the way, I'm resolved to make life in Reno work, at least for the forseable future. (When I write that I wonder if the future is ever not forseable, but that's a topic for another day).

Rick has been industrious and used contacts to land himself at least one part-time job with the promise of another by week's end. I will be hitting the bricks today to try to use this charm and smooth-talk for good. It's worked in the past, I'm sure it will again. Perhaps illness is a waystation for life. A chance to take leave of the here-and-now and take stock. Worked for me. I've been complacent, satisfied, truthfully unmotivated. I've been fixin' to get ready for far too long now.

I'm ready.