Monday, January 14

Just Right of the Castro

Reno gay life is taking shape. We are discovering there is a "here" here. There's even a Borders Books, Bed Bath & Beyond, and a decent coffeehouse called Java Jungle. The later is within easy walking distance to the apartment, and is frequented by a variety of GLBT or just plain caffeine-starved folk.

So far I haven't made too many "new guy in town" faux paux, except for a particularly embarassing bus incident involving the payment of a large sum of money in the fare box and my naive assumption I would receive a day pass in return. Note to the Citifare folks: consider selling day passes somewhere other than King Tut's tomb. I've also found, after considerable searching, the nearest Safeway (I could not continue without the Safeway Club Card and "Buy One Get One Free" opportunities).

Our roommate situation worked itself out Saturday afternoon and now there are just two of us living here. Some things defy logical explanations and this is one of those situations. Suffice it to say Rick and I are now much more at ease and ready to build individual lives here. New employment remains on the list. We still have our Squaw jobs, but are on the lookout for something that will keep us in the area.

Surprisingly, Reno has somewhat of a gentle pace. While casinos abound, it doesn't have the hectic nature of Vegas, or the desolation of Winnemucca. Our neighborhood (known locally as The Riverwalk) is a pleasant to stroll, slowly gentrifying, somewhat eclectic blend of old neighborhood bars and trendy boutiques. One thing I am still getting used to is seeing slot machines in just about every structure short of public restrooms. The lack of them in the later is probably due to some strange state law that was hotly debated in the local paper.