Saturday, January 12

Here We Go Again

Well, life in Reno is beginning to take shape. What shape, I'm not sure, just shape. We have discovered and visited most of the gay establishments, partaken the significant buffets, subscribed to the daily paper. I'm sure there are locals who have not done as much.

In short, Reno is not a bad place to live. Transient, like D.C., but I'm used to that. Dirty, like D.C., but I'm used to that, too. We are currently working out the roommate situation, which should be resolved by the end of this weekend.

Our newest challenge is one Rick and I unfortunately know too well: new jobs. Snow melts, and with it, our current positions. Though Squaw Valley has year-round operations, they diminish their staff considerably in the "off" season. At this point we are not extemely distressed, just aware of our impending desperation (come early April we'll most likely be filling out unemployment forms). Since we have both done desperation to such an excellent level in the past, I'm sure we will rise the occasion once again.

So how is life really like in Reno, you might ask? Well, the gay population is here and thriving. Actually, it's better organized than I would have hoped. There are bars and then there are NICE bars. One of our favorites, so far, is the Patio. It's well lit, frequented by clean, nice, people, and not the kind of place you would be afraid to take a first date. Rick has taken up pool, once again, and is become quite the "cue queen" of Reno. He'll be upset when he reads this, but he's heard worse!