Friday, January 4

Another Change

Change used to frighten me, now I look at it as an expected avocation. The latest change concerns residence. We are now denizens of Reno, Nevada ("The Biggest Little City in the World"). The hostel became a bit too hostile to manage, so we took advantage of housing with a corporate discount. So far, so good.

We are living in a converted hotel/casino two blocks from the main gaming drag in Reno. The hotel is a bit on the tired side, but from what I hear from locals, it's vastly improved from its former life as a full-time flophouse and part-time brothel. For us it provides a greater sense of independence, something neither Rick nor I have been privy to in a long time.

The move brings us closer to civilization as well. Though Squaw Valley is charming, it's distant. We now have access to the internet again, thanks to the University of Nevada at Reno. We have newspapers to buy, good coffee to drink at trendy coffee bars, and movie theaters close at hand. A gay community exists here, something we haven't been close to since leaving the Bay Area. Queers seek their own kind and Rick and I have felt like exiles since leaving San Jose.

We arrived New Year's evening, an appropriate time to begin anew. So far things are working out well. Transporation to work is free and as far as we can tell, dependable. Our greatest problem right now is finding a laundrymat.

2002 looks good.