Friday, November 30

A Watched Sky Never Snows

We are still waiting for enough snow for full time work. Though a paycheck would come in handy any time now, we are learning a lot while we wait for the gods to come through. At the hostel, Americans like Rick and I are among the minority. We are surrounded by South Africans, Australians, and New Zealanders. It's quite an interesting and unexpected cultural education. If you are interested, the South African men we have met are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. It's like living in an Abercrombie catalog.

We are also experiencing some of the frustrations from Silicon Valley. High prices, low employment, and something we didn't expect to find: thievery. Yes, it's here too. This time a precious commodity: food. While the manager of the hostel is taking care of the culprits, we still have to watch ourselves and protect our belongings. Naive to expect different, I guess.

New friendships and cultural education abound, however. The ski industry is interesting. We are already thinking about post-season plans. A return to the Bay Area and a, hopefully, rebounding economy, or staying up here for summer employment.


Wednesday, November 28

The Weather Outside Is Frightful. . .

OK, so living in the mountains does bring a whole new set of considerations. Instead of having access to just about everything when we want it, we now wait "until we go into town." Hmmm. . .maybe there were some things that were worth the time in Silicon Valley.

Our work situation is not consistent at the moment. We are waiting for more snow, promised for the end of the day today if the next "big storm" does what it is supposed to do. Quite honestly, I am finally beginning to settle into the place. While I am not keen on the current living situation, a hostel, even it has some redeeming qualities.