Tuesday, November 20

High On A Mountain Top

There's no snow. Not what we were expecting, but what we are living with. We've actually changed jobs since coming up here, I'm now in Guest Services and Rick is in Marketing. We both are feeling somewhat better about that.

The weather is cold, but no snow. We are slowly getting used to the country life. There really is such a thing as "going into town" (the closest is five miles away), and seeing the Milky Way for the first time in a while the other night was spectacular.

The biggest adjustment has been the lack of computing accessibility. I'm composing this at the local library, where I get 30 minutes per day. OK, so there were some good points to San Jose.

From today on, I'll only be able to post weekly. But, it will still be worth reading, I promise. The saga remains: two gay men building a new life, only this time to scenery reminiscent of "The Sound of Music."